Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sit N Read - Pocket Watch Bay

For Sit N read round 3. The word was Beach.

Photograph by Lisa Shambrook please do not use.

Pocket Watch Bay
 by Caitlin Shambrook (age 13)

Rose walked down to the beach with her dad and their dog. Dad walked down to the sea with the dog while Rose started to build a sandcastle.
While Rose was making her sandcastle she could smell the fish and chips from the Chippy just down the road from the beach. She looked around the beach at what everyone else was doing, she saw people making more sandcastles, Kids playing in the park, Surfers and Swimmers. She could hear the waves crashing on the shore while everyone was swimming and paddling.
She went back to the sandcastle with the sand shimmering on her fingers then she found a half buried pocket watch with a smashed screen and broken hands. Rose started playing with the watch by moving the hands to the future and playing as if it was the future, and then she turned it back in time, she imagined that she went back to Victorian time and pretended she was Victorian. Once she got bored she slipped the watch into her pocket and carried on playing with her sandcastle.
Rose could see her dad on his way back, she ran up to him with the wind chasing her long brown hair and the sand tickling her feet as she giggled and hugged her dad. Rose begged her dad for some ice-cream because it was a really hot day and he finally gave in, but there was one rule: To make sure that she doesn't tell anyone at all because if she told her sister or brother they would just get jealous and not be quiet about it at all.
Rose and her dad walked back home with their exhausted dog. As they walked in, mum and gran stopped talking to welcome them.
“Mum, Gran… Look what I found on the beach…. It’s a bit broken but it’s really cool!” Rose exclaimed
“Oh Rose dear, I used to have a pocket watch identical to that, it was from your dear granddad Frank,” Gran replied.
 Rose looked at the watch carefully and at the back in very faint letters it read: “My dear Rosemary, I have given you this pocket watch as a token of my love for you… Love Frank.” Rose read it out loud and grans eyes started to well up.
“Oh I miss Frank so much,” cried Gran
“Oh, then I suppose you want it back then Gran?” Rose asked passing the watch back to her gran,
“Oh, my dear Rose, of course you can keep it, you found it and as from now on it can be a family heirloom.”

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