Sunday, 20 January 2013

Five Sentence Fiction-Forgotten

This weeks Five Sentence Fiction word is Forgotten.

She forgot about the rule “When the clock strikes twelve…”.

 She was at the prom waiting for Prince Charming to find her and she was beginning to think that he wasn’t coming, she wasn’t the prettiest one there anyway, well that’s what she thought. She didn’t have money to go out and get the best dresses in the world or fancy shoes, she always thought that you didn’t need money to get love, but at the moment that didn’t seem to be true.

She wanted to be Cinderella but began to think that it wasn’t going to happen, she knew she wasn’t going to be saved from the enchanted tower by her prince nor be brought back to life by her true loves kiss, but then all of a sudden she heard her name ‘Hey Ella wait up, I’ve been looking for you all night.’ She spun around on her heels and there he was her Prince Charming, he asked her for a dance and she started to blush;  she looked at her watch and saw that she was nearly out of time.


  1. Very sweet Caitlin, working on some of these will really help your writing!

  2. a cute re-telling of a classic tale. I hope it all works out for Ella, would love to hear more of her story.