Saturday, 22 December 2012

Five Sentence Fiction-Vision

For my third post I am going to do my first Five Sentence Fiction. Basically Five Sentence Fiction is when you get a word for a prompt and you have to write five sentences about the one word.The word changes every week you have one word on a Thursday until the next Thursday in the next week and then the word changes.

The word for this week is: Vision

I sat staring into the puddle in the middle of the forest as the moon shone in my face then something flashed in the water. It flashed again like a vision of some kind, and then it happened again but this time the reflection stayed there getting closer and closer to me. 
Someone shouted my name, I instinctively looked back and saw a boy, a man in fact, he came closer and closer to me and I suddenly saw it was my dad, which confused me because mum said that he was working away somewhere else and definitely not in this country, so how could this be?
 I stood up and started running to him, I ran towards his open arms and spread my arms ready to hug him, but when I reached him he vanished. I shouted his name over and over again but he never answered me, as I started running home I burst into tears, lost without my dad.