Thursday, 26 December 2013

The Talisman Chronicles ~ Ember's Wish

I have written a short story about dragons in a new book called The Talisman Chronicles. A lot of young children and teenagers of many ages have written different stories about different things. We had a list of charms for example: Dragons, Pegasus, Unicorn, Frogs, Birds, Crowns etc.
Here is my Story - Embers wish
Drawing by Caitlin Shambrook
Design work by Bekah Shambrook
Please do not use.

Ember searched for Skye, her best friend. Skye was just a normal girl who happened to find a baby dragon in her room before bed, and Ember was an outcast.  She was ‘different’ and that was the excuse her clan gave for abandoning her.  Ember didn’t remember much of the story, she’d been too young, and now Skye was her family, all the family she needed anyway.

“Skye, Skye! Where are you?” shouted Ember. Ember looked everywhere for Skye and wasn’t getting anywhere, not even a scent of the girl teased her. The dragon soared over the beautiful scenery with no intention to look at it or admire it, especially while Skye was gone. She could admire it with Skye but certainly not on her own. Ember bolted through the different trees and valleys, searching for just one thing…Skye.

Smoke whirled up into the air before her. “Oh, Fire dragons,” Ember mumbled struck with envy. She’d always dreamed of becoming a Fire dragon one day, but sadly the only thing she ever breathed out was snow. As soon as the other dragons saw her, they flew up to her and mocked her with scornful looks and snide remarks, and they ignored one of their baby Fire dragons playing right above the forest. Ember watched the baby dragon as it sneezed behind their backs, spouting flames it didn’t expect, and it fell out of the sky!

The flames licked the trees and suddenly the forest lit up in flames. Ember heard the cry of her best friend, “Ember, Ember where are you? I need you right now! Oh please come… please.”
“Skye! Skye! I’m coming don’t you worry, I’ll be there in a minute!” Ember soared over the forest thinking of all the bad things that could happen to Skye as the fire spread. As Ember flew she saw the baby dragon stuck in a tree with a damaged wing.

Ember screeched for help and looked around to the Fire dragons as they laughed and flew away. As the Fire dragons flew away they realised that they had lost the baby! As they realised they came flying back shouting at Ember. Ember called back, “He fell into the woods and he’s about to be incinerated… do you want to help me save him at all?”
“Yes of course we do, can we help?” they shrieked.
“By not leaving him,” Ember cried. “My friend Skye has climbed into the tree to help!” After she spoke she shouted down to the lonely dragon and Skye, “Skye protect the baby Fire dragon. I don’t want anyone hurt and try your best to keep warm!” Ember then took a big deep breath and blew out her unique breath of snow and covered the forest with a blanket of deep white snow.

“Ember, Ember you did it! You saved us both! How can we repay you?” shouted Skye.
“Oh, Skye my beautiful sister, you already have, you’ve given me the best family that anyone could have ever asked for throughout the toughest years of my life!” Ember replied.
The baby Fire dragon began to cry. “Now help us out of the tree!” cried Skye.
“Oh yes, sorry forgot about that!” Ember flew down to help. Skye climbed on Ember’s back and clutched the baby in her arms.
“Thank you Ember… How could we ever repay you?” said the oldest Fire dragon.
“Well, there is one way…” replied Ember.
“Yeah, and what is that?” asked the Fire dragon.
“Can you please show me and Skye who my real birth family is?” asked Ember smiling down at Skye.
“Of course we can, and we’re very sorry we treated you badly,” said the Fire dragon. “Follow us home and we’ll show you everything, after all you are one of us!”
“Come on Skye… We are going on an adventure!” Ember grinned and flew up high.

Drawing by Caitlin Shambrook
Please do not use